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“Happy and simple life” von Tobias Simiyu

My life have been at God’s hand since I was born. My memories of early life was through struggle be it basic needs or general life.

My parents had no work, but lucky enough we had a piece of land. We planted our own maize, beans , cassava, sweet potatoes, fruits just afew to mention. It was strenuous to work everyday on hot sun exept sunday for them to help us grow. Through drought, sometimes our plants got spoiled and we ended up with no food. We were helped usually by our grandparents, who are also hardworking people.

We had  water from the well and the river. My school life was at the beginning not eas, when we had not enough teachers, but it was improving well. I joined a good highschool thus I could manage to go university. I have done a diploma in community oral health and finished last year. Its unfortunately that this course is not here in german, but it could be similar to dental nurse.

I look forward to go for intergration course thus I could start another study to work.